An In Depth Look At Today's Astrology (1pm EST/2pm EDT)

Mar 25 2012

Moon Sign

Sun in Aries
In the 9th House

Sun in Aries: masculine cardinal fire
Good: active, energetic, excitable, impulsive, optimistic, open to change and new experiences
Warning: susceptible to harm by fire and sharps, prone to accidents in high speeds, tend to get violent in dangerous situations

Planet of vitality and individuality in the House of mental exploration or travel
Good: perusing new ideas or taking a trip
Warning: may become fanatical or one sided

Moon in Taurus
In the 10th House

Moon in Taurus
Good:  trustworthy, determined, warm, affectionate, artistic
Warning:  obstinate, possessive, rigid, overcautious, slave to routine

Planet of  emotions and instincts in the House of career
Good:  public life, occupation change, intuitive
Warning:  risk of public scandal

Merc in Pisces
In the 9th House

Mercury in Pisces
Good: intuitive, intriguing mystery, precognitive, imaginative, creative, brilliant
Warning: low self-confidence, timid, confused, sensitive to negative vibration, absentminded

Planet of the mind in the House of mental exploration
Good: alert, adaptable, exploratory, advanced
Warning: meddlesome, quick promises, dogmatic

Venus in Taurus
In the 11th House

Venus in Taurus
Good: affectionate, romantic, demonstrative, generous, lucky, artistic
Warning: cautious, taken advantage of, over indulgent

Planet of love and pleasure in the House of hopes, wishes and friends
Good: sociable, tactful, diplomatic, co-operative
Warning: confuse friendship & love

Mars in Virgo
In the 2nd House

Mars in Virgo
Good: ambitious, pride, strong-willed, determined, controlled, methodical
Warning: getting caught in the details, critical, high strung

Planet of energy and assertiveness in the House of  possessions
Good:  earning power, aggressive pursuit of money, quick recovery from financial crises, efficient, enterprising
Warning: frequent financial crises, impulsive spender, lavish, careless

N Node Sag

Jupiter in Taurus
In the 10th House

Jupiter in Taurus: Harmonious
Good: abundance (monetary), artistic beauty
Warning: overspending, hoarding

Planet of luck and expansion in the House of  career
Good: career achievements, confident, sociable, public honor and esteem
Warning: selfish, discredit or disgrace

Saturn in Libra
In the 4th House

Saturn in Libra
Good: good judgement, successful, artistic, teamwork
Warning: loss of love, loneliness, judgmental

Planet of discipline and limitation in the House of home, early & later parts of life
Good:  devoted to family, careful planner, independent, real estate gain
Warning: early loss, difficulty expressing feelings

Uranus in Aries
In the 9th House

Uranus in Aries
Good: inventive, individualized, travel, chance taking. adventurous
Warning: dictating, disruptive

Planet of change and originality in the House of mental exploration
Good: independent mind, travel, adventurous, open to new exprience
Warning: unorthodox views, rebellious

Neptune in Pisces
In the 8th House

Neptune in Pisces
Good: spirituality, creative genius, compassionate, seal-realization, peace
Warning: changes, closed off introspection

Planet of spirituality and illusion in the House of death, regeneration, & legacies
Good: visionary, meaningful life, strong esp, idealistic
Warning: financial confusion, disappointment  or delusion in sexual relationship

Pluto in Cap
In the 6th House

Pluto in Capricorn
Good: responsible, security, changes in consciousness
Warning: obstacles may be resistance to change

Planet of transformation in the House of service and health
Good: power of concentration, follow through, healing, inspirational
Warning: overworked, physical energy sapped by job pressures


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