An In Depth Look At Today's Astrology (1pm EST/2pm EDT)

Apr 14 2012

Moon Sign & House
Mars Goes Direct
Pluto House

Sun in Aries
In the 9th House

Sun in Aries: masculine cardinal fire
Good: active, energetic, excitable, impulsive, optimistic, open to change and new experiences
Warning: susceptible to harm by fire and sharps, prone to accidents in high speeds, tend to get violent in dangerous situations

Planet of the mind in the House of  death, regeneration, & legacies
Good: communicative, penetrating, talent for research & analysis, insightful
Warning: legal problems, early death of relative

Moon in Aquarius
In the 7th House

Moon in Aquarius
Good: idealistic, creative, tolerant, humanitarian, progressive outlook
Warning: unpredictable, contrary, aloof, fixed opinions, tactless

Planet of  emotions and instincts in the House of marriage and partnership
Good: responsive, sensual
Warning: changeable, possible divorce

Merc in Pisces
In the 8th House

Mercury in Pisces
Good: intuitive, intriguing mystery, precognitive, imaginative, creative, brilliant
Warning: low self-confidence, timid, confused, sensitive to negative vibration, absentminded

Planet of the mind in the House of  death, regeneration, & legacies
Good: communicative, penetrating, talent for research & analysis, insightful
Warning: legal problems, early death of relative

Venus in Gemini
In the 11th House

Venus in Gemini
Good:  intellectual rapport, lighthearted, many interests in love, charming, witty
Warning:  careless, desire for multiple relationships causing misunderstandings, cool emotions, inconsistent

Planet of love and pleasure in the House of hopes, wishes and friends
Good: sociable, tactful, diplomatic, co-operative
Warning: confuse friendship & love

Mars in Virgo
In the 2nd House

Mars in Virgo
Good: ambitious, pride, strong-willed, determined, controlled, methodical
Warning: getting caught in the details, critical, high strung

Planet of energy and assertiveness in the House of  possessions
Good:  earning power, aggressive pursuit of money, quick recovery from financial crises, efficient, enterprising
Warning: frequent financial crises, impulsive spender, lavish, careless

N Node Sag

Jupiter in Taurus
In the 10th House

Jupiter in Taurus: Harmonious
Good: abundance (monetary), artistic beauty
Warning: overspending, hoarding

Planet of luck and expansion in the House of  career
Good: career achievements, confident, sociable, public honor and esteem
Warning: selfish, discredit or disgrace

Saturn in Libra
In the 3rd House

Saturn in Libra
Good: good judgement, successful, artistic, teamwork
Warning: loss of love, loneliness, judgmental

Planet of discipline and limitation in the House of home, early & later parts of life
Good:  devoted to family, careful planner, independent, real estate gain
Warning: early loss, difficulty expressing feelings

Uranus in Aries
In the 9th House

Uranus in Aries
Good: inventive, individualized, travel, chance taking. adventurous
Warning: dictating, disruptive

Planet of change and originality in the House of mental exploration
Good: independent mind, travel, adventurous, open to new exprience
Warning: unorthodox views, rebellious

Neptune in Pisces
In the 8th House

Neptune in Pisces
Good: spirituality, creative genius, compassionate, seal-realization, peace
Warning: changes, closed off introspection

Planet of spirituality and illusion in the House of death, regeneration, & legacies
Good: visionary, meaningful life, strong esp, idealistic
Warning: financial confusion, disappointment  or delusion in sexual relationship

Pluto in Cap
In the 5th House

Pluto in Capricorn
Good: responsible, security, changes in consciousness
Warning: obstacles may be resistance to change

Planet of transformation in the House of service and health
Good: power of concentration, follow through, healing, inspirational
Warning: overworked, physical energy sapped by job pressures


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